Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New photos in my slideshow

I uploaded some new photos into the slideshow on my main page :) Mostly wedding photos but also added one photo from an engagement shoot and one photo from a basketball game. I should have the wedding photo favorites from the December 20th wedding uploaded tonight while I sleep (at least that's the plan). I narrowed my 750 or so photos down to 50 of my favorites. My 5D Mark II takes huge files though, most of my images at 10mb or bigger if I export them at 100% jpg resolution. But the photos look amazing and I love the results the 35L and 135L lenses were giving me on that camera. My absolute favorite first dance photo is in that bunch that will be getting uploaded later.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Catching up on recent events

So in my rush to constantly test my 5D Mark II out (which oh yeah, do I REALLLLLLLY love this camera) I have a few more things prior to the wedding I just shot to post. Namely some really nice shots I was able to take in available light w/ the 135 f2/L lens that I also got not the long ago.

These were taken at my work places staff Christmas feast last week. (I work at Valparaiso University's IT department for my "main" job)

Seriously, no flash for any of these! I'm loving this camera and it's high ISO abilities!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Basketball w/ a 5D Mark II

I finally got my 5D Mark II about a week ago and have been putting it to plenty of good use. This camera does some amazing things at high ISO!! For anyone wondering, the photos below were taken with my 70-200 f2.8/L IS USM. I was at ISO 4,000 shooting at 1/800 f2.8. The photos are very clean for such a high ISO setting which really impresses me and the white balance was spot on. I have my first wedding w/ this camera on the 2oth of December which I'm really looking forward to.







Friday, December 12, 2008

November Wedding

I second shot this wedding for Captured by Candi, but it was still a fantastic opportunity. The couple had their reception at the White Sox park in the Jim Bean room which was super neat and gave us a lot of other opportunities.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fall Wedding (10/18/2008)

1. 17-55 pulled off this shot with no flash

2. My 100 macro nabbed this awesome shot at the beach

3. Likewise 100 macro for the ring shot on the beach

4. I put my new 50 1.4 to work

5. from the 50 1.4 again

6. Another natural light outside shot w/ the 17-55

7. The lower end of the 17-55 range came in handy for the insanely big bridal party

8. I put the 100 macro to good use on this shot of her earrings balancing on her shoes

9. The 17-55 came out for dancing candids

10. Another candid from the 17-55

More can be found here: http://photos.cathoffman.com/gallery/5277579_ZQsTa

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sunday, October 5, 2008

2nd shooting w/ Lynne Hulbert Photography

Lynne Hulbert let me second shoot this wedding with her (for those of you from dgrin who read my blog, this is Urbanaries). I had a blast and she let me use some of her lenses...as a result after falling it love with it that night, I bought a used 50mm f1.4 lens off of Andy on dgrin and it is arrive tomorrow! I simply cannot wait for that lens to be added into my gear bag.

Also in other news, I went to Roberts Imaging in Indianapolis while I was there this past week and got to feel the 24-70 2.8 and the 85 1.2 on the original 5d to get a feel for how it would be if I got them for the 5d mk ii that I pre-ordered... the 24-70 is doable...but the 85 1.2 is just ridiculously heavy, to the point that I'd probably take 5 shots and then put the thing down to give my hand a rest. While it may produce awesome results, the weight is a big negative for that lens to me... anyhoo, Cindy and I were talking and she recently got the 24-70 so I plan to play with it some more when she and I get together later in the week to see how I like it. There is nothing wrong with my 17-55 that I currently use for the closer range, just that lens is an EF-S meaning it will only work on crop sensor cameras, not full frame ones like the 5d Mk II...

Anyhoo, on with the awesome shots I took with Lynne!

I'll try to mention which lens I used for what below.

1. First we'll start with "the ring" shot. Done with my 100 Macro :)

2. My 70-200 f2.8 took this outside with some fun backlighting

3. First dance. taken w/ my 70-200

4. Trying out lighting on a stick thanks to urbanaries, taken with my 100 macro

5. 70-200 captured this father daughter dance moment

6. A fun shot with urbanaries 50 1.4

7. Another cool shot with the 50 1.4

8. and another with the 50 1.4

9. Used my 70-200 to get this neat shot of a guest next to some art

10. another 50 1.4

11. and another cuz this lens was so cool

12. And yet another w/ the 50 1.4 lol

13. We'll end with one more 70-200 shot

More of my favorites from second shooting are here:

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Asian Themed Wedding (9/27/2008)

1. I tried this type of shot again and think it's even better than my first attempt at a previous wedding:

2. I really like this one for some reason, not sure why, just do

3. Getting the bride dressed

4. The rings on the fans they had for decorations

5. The harpists hands

6. Here comes the bride

7. Yummy looking cake

8. An almost kiss

9. The first kiss

Thanks for looking!
A few more here: