Sunday, October 5, 2008

2nd shooting w/ Lynne Hulbert Photography

Lynne Hulbert let me second shoot this wedding with her (for those of you from dgrin who read my blog, this is Urbanaries). I had a blast and she let me use some of her a result after falling it love with it that night, I bought a used 50mm f1.4 lens off of Andy on dgrin and it is arrive tomorrow! I simply cannot wait for that lens to be added into my gear bag.

Also in other news, I went to Roberts Imaging in Indianapolis while I was there this past week and got to feel the 24-70 2.8 and the 85 1.2 on the original 5d to get a feel for how it would be if I got them for the 5d mk ii that I pre-ordered... the 24-70 is doable...but the 85 1.2 is just ridiculously heavy, to the point that I'd probably take 5 shots and then put the thing down to give my hand a rest. While it may produce awesome results, the weight is a big negative for that lens to me... anyhoo, Cindy and I were talking and she recently got the 24-70 so I plan to play with it some more when she and I get together later in the week to see how I like it. There is nothing wrong with my 17-55 that I currently use for the closer range, just that lens is an EF-S meaning it will only work on crop sensor cameras, not full frame ones like the 5d Mk II...

Anyhoo, on with the awesome shots I took with Lynne!

I'll try to mention which lens I used for what below.

1. First we'll start with "the ring" shot. Done with my 100 Macro :)

2. My 70-200 f2.8 took this outside with some fun backlighting

3. First dance. taken w/ my 70-200

4. Trying out lighting on a stick thanks to urbanaries, taken with my 100 macro

5. 70-200 captured this father daughter dance moment

6. A fun shot with urbanaries 50 1.4

7. Another cool shot with the 50 1.4

8. and another with the 50 1.4

9. Used my 70-200 to get this neat shot of a guest next to some art

10. another 50 1.4

11. and another cuz this lens was so cool

12. And yet another w/ the 50 1.4 lol

13. We'll end with one more 70-200 shot

More of my favorites from second shooting are here:

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