Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fall Wedding (10/18/2008)

1. 17-55 pulled off this shot with no flash

2. My 100 macro nabbed this awesome shot at the beach

3. Likewise 100 macro for the ring shot on the beach

4. I put my new 50 1.4 to work

5. from the 50 1.4 again

6. Another natural light outside shot w/ the 17-55

7. The lower end of the 17-55 range came in handy for the insanely big bridal party

8. I put the 100 macro to good use on this shot of her earrings balancing on her shoes

9. The 17-55 came out for dancing candids

10. Another candid from the 17-55

More can be found here:

1 comment:

Mary Marantz said...

wow that's a HUGE bridal party!! awesome job on the details!!