Thursday, May 19, 2011

Last wedding to catch up on :) 2010-11-12 Christine & Mike

Christine and Mike's wedding was my last wedding of the 2010 year and also my last wedding to fly back and forth from California to Indiana for after I had moved to California in July. It was also a lot of fun despite being the last Indiana / 2010 wedding! I ended up photographing Mike's because his friend Tom (of Tom and Sheila whose wedding I shot back in 2009) recommended me. Tom, Mike and I are all photographers, so that meant that like all weddings I've gotten to shoot for fellow photographers that was *ample* amounts of time allocated in the schedule for photo taking! Definitely that is my favorite part of shooting weddings for other photographers :)

On with the photos!

This is possibly the photo that makes me laugh harder than any other wedding photo I've ever taken.

More photos from the wedding can be seen here:

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

More blogging catch up - 2010-10-30 Buffy & James!

Buffy and James are dear friends of mine, I used to work with them together at Best Buy back in the day. It was such a honor to help them out in a touch situation and get them the wedding photography they deserved. They were also gracious enough to let me stay with them so I didn't need a hotel when I flew back to Indiana for the wedding :) I love you guys! So happy I was able to do this for you.

More of their photos can be seen here:

Blogging catch up! 2010-10-23 Abby & Jon

I realized that I never finished blogging my 2010 weddings and would like to profusely apologize! I've been neglecting this blog lately (I'm much more active in my Facebook Page though!) But that's no excuse, so here's another wedding from last year.

More photos here:

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Boudoir Day! (June 26th)

I'm teaming up with the wonderful Stacey from SAS photography and we're hosting a boudoir day in the bay area to expand our wedding and portrait portfolios into the art of boudoir... read Stacey's blog post here for more details and how to sign up!