Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wedding in an Opera House

For those who have been eagerly awaiting, here's photos of my Big on her wedding day!

1. My favorite shot of her

2. My wedding photography mentor had this date open so she tagged along and threw them in this cool positioning:

3. She also saw the floor of the stage and knew we had to put the bride on it for some neat shots:

4. From their first dance:

5. Running out of the opera house to a bunch of bubbles awaiting them

6. I like how she's pulling him into her in this shot:

7. This was just hilarious, the wind caught her super long veil and threw it straight up!

8. Mmm strawberry cake:

9. This is actually a shot of one of the bridesmaids getting her nails done pre-ceremony, I really like it:

10. The bride and her mother:

11. Everyone getting ready in the mirror:

12. And lastly, just before the kiss: