Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Domain / New Facebook Fan Page

As some of you may have noticed, the URL here changed! I recently rebranded the business to "Photography by Cat" and so this meant the introduction of the new logo / new domain / etc... and since facebook doesn't let you rename existing facebook pages, that meant I had to create a new one and start moving all the fans over there.
This is my main website link now. The old link will forward you here.
This is the new blog URL, if you're reading this, your'e probably already here :)
This is the new facebook fan page.

I'm still very behind in posting the rest of this years weddings on here...but I promise once I get caught up with all the edits from all the weddings I'll resume posting. In the meanwhile if you want to see my more recent work, head to the main website and check out the "weddings" tab where I have teasers from all the weddings posted :)