Thursday, May 19, 2011

Last wedding to catch up on :) 2010-11-12 Christine & Mike

Christine and Mike's wedding was my last wedding of the 2010 year and also my last wedding to fly back and forth from California to Indiana for after I had moved to California in July. It was also a lot of fun despite being the last Indiana / 2010 wedding! I ended up photographing Mike's because his friend Tom (of Tom and Sheila whose wedding I shot back in 2009) recommended me. Tom, Mike and I are all photographers, so that meant that like all weddings I've gotten to shoot for fellow photographers that was *ample* amounts of time allocated in the schedule for photo taking! Definitely that is my favorite part of shooting weddings for other photographers :)

On with the photos!

This is possibly the photo that makes me laugh harder than any other wedding photo I've ever taken.

More photos from the wedding can be seen here:

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