Thursday, September 25, 2008

College Sweethearts Get Married (9/13/2008)

1. I've wanted to do an under the veil shot for so long and they humored me and I love it!

2. I had to pose them w/ the sign hanging in the church

3. I took this from the balcony and love how it came out

4. A cute shot from the front, they were in this position since I was actually taking pics of their hands over her dress in the front, and then I snapped this after that

5. Making her laugh during the reception

6. This was clever, as soon as he got the garter off without even turning around he whipped his hand backwards and tossed it, the guys were totally caught off guard

7. The garter later ended up as a headband on the girl who caught the bouquet

8. A ring shot that also shows off the intricacy of their gorgeous unity candle. Neat note about the bride's ring - the engagement ring and this ring have sapphires that were chosen specially to match her eyes by the groom!

9. And because this church was just so beautiful inside, a nice wider angle shot of the sanctuary

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