Monday, May 26, 2008

Wedding of Jacqulin & Anthony (5/24/2008)

Finally got to test out the 17-55 and Lightsphere in a wedding setting. Pretty pleased, but was pretty annoyed at how fast the Lightsphere drained my batteries... though I reallllly like the effects the lightsphere gives, so it's a love hate relationship, lol.

Anyhoo on with the photos!

1) Maid of Honor

2) The bride after getting her makeup on

3) The rings

4) One of the bridesmaids

5) A son of one of the bridesmaids

6) The rings on their hands (two of her fingers are tucked under her hand since her cuticles had several cuts and she wanted to hide that)

7) They didn't play nice w/ the cake

8) I love how the lightsphere lit up this couple

9) Another adorable child

10) No ligthsphere but this is pretty funny (just bounce flash)

11) 70-200 and bounce flash only

12) Also 70-200 and bounce flash only

More favorites are in my portfolio gallery of the wedding:

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